Yorkshire Plus Region

The Yorkshire Plus region of the Discipleship, Learning and Ministries Network serves the districts of Sheffield, Yorkshire North & East and Yorkshire West. You can find out more about the regions staff and what is being offered within the region on the region's webpage.

Connections within the Region

Below are ​links to some of the opportunities available within the Yorkshire Plus region that may be helpful to Explorers on an Encounter programme.
Ampleforth Abbey
Ampleforth Abbey is home to the largest Benedictine community in Britain. The community offers a diverse pastoral programme of pilgrimages, retreats and meditations which Encounter explorers may find useful.
Christians Learning Across Yorkshire
CLAY is an ecumenical initiative which organises and promotes short courses and events aimed mainly at developing lay discipleship. It publishes a brochure twice a year of events running throughout Yorkshire.
​Cliff College
Part of the Methodist Learning Network, Cliff College in Derbyshire has a long and rich heritage of providing Bible training to people from diverse backgrounds, for mission and evangelism. Cliff offers several academic courses, full and part time, and holds its annual Festival over a weekend in May.
​St Bede's Pastoral Centre
​St Bede's Pastoral Centre in York offers space for personal prayer and reflection, together with a programme of events to encourage and facilitate individuals and groups in their spiritual development.
The Mirfield Centre
​The Mirfield Centre is part of the Community of the Resurrection and the Diocese of Wakefield. Its aim is to offer 'encouragement, education for discipleship and formation for men and women from all the churches in order to be the People of God in this new millennium'. The Centre offers day events, quiet days, short educational courses and residential courses.
Whirlow Grange
​Whirlow Grange is the spirituality centre of the Sheffield Diocese. It provides facilities and accommodation for individuals and groups for personal and spiritual development, to explore their relationship with God through prayer and reflection. It also holds one day events on a wide range of subjects relating to Christian spirituality.