Encounter Connections

As well as the Encounter group sessions, explorers are encouraged to explore their discipleship and sense of vocation using resources available outside the Encounter programme. This page provides links to some of the opportunities available that may be helpful to those on the Encounter programme.
After Sunday
After Sunday's mission is to enable and encourage Christians to live integrated lives as effective disciples and partners in God's kingdom building work, focussing especially on the part of our lives when we're not at church. The website has free resources and practical ideas for individuals, groups and congregations.
Ampleforth Abbey
​Ampleforth Abbey is home to the largest Benedictine community in Britain. The community offers a diverse pastoral programme of pilgrimages, retreats and meditations which Encounter explorers may find useful.
Centre for Courage and Renewal
The work of Parker J. Palmer, the founder and senior partner of this centre, is included on several Encounter sessions. The centre's website includes information about Palmer's writings and other resources connected with vocation.
Christians Learning Across Yorkshire (CLAY)
​CLAY is an ecumenical initiative which organises and promotes short courses and events aimed mainly at developing lay discipleship. It publishes a brochure twice a year of events running throughout Yorkshire.
Cliff College
Part of the Methodist Learning Network, Cliff College in Derbyshire has a long and rich heritage of providing Bible training to people from diverse backgrounds, for mission and evangelism. Cliff offers several academic courses, full and part time, and holds its annual Festival over a weekend in May.
Deepening Discipleship
A section of the Methodist Church website containing resources and information connected with many different aspects of discipleship, including a downloadable copy of Martyn Atkins' book 'Discipleship and the people called Methodists'.
The Disciple Bible study course has transformed the lives of individuals and congregations in many parts of Great Britain and across the world. It has drawn people closer to God, deepened their discipleship and opens their eyes into the way that God is leading them.
Frederick Buechner Centre
Website that offers a glimpse into the life and ideas of American writer and theologian Frederick Buechner, whose ideas are featured on the Encounter programme.
Fresh Expressions
Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) and Mission Shaped Intro (MSI) are ecumenical courses exploring fresh expressions of church. MSM is a part time, ecumenical, one year course which looks at how churches can begin to plant and sustain fresh expressions of church. MSI is a six 90-minute sessions exploring how things have changed, and why we might need to re-think church.
Iona Community
The Iona Community is a dispersed Christian ecumenical community working for peace and social justice, rebuilding of community and the renewal of worship. It is an ecumenical Christian community of women and men who seek to live out the Gospel in a way that is radical, inclusive and relevant to life in the 21st century.
Joint Public Affairs Team
The Joint Public Issues Team is a venture of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church. The website contains information on what our denominations have said about public issues, current campaigns and resources for churches. You can also sign-up for Praxis, the Team's newsletter on public affairs.
London Institute of Contemporary Christianity
The LICC exists to envision and equip Christians - and the leaders, churches and organisations that serve them - with the biblical framework, practical resources and models to engage biblically, relevantly and vigorously with the issues they face in today's world.
Lost in Wonder
You are warmly invited to journey through the ten stages of this on-line labyrinth, devised by the Methodist Church, but offered to all.
Marcus Borg
The Marcus Borg Foundation celebrates the work of the Amercian theologian Marcus Borg, and is dedicated to the promotion of progressive Christian thought, education & discipleship.
Methodist Children and Youth
The website offers lots of information and ideas for anyone working with children or young people, whether you're a volunteer or a paid worker. There are areas for different age ranges, from under 5's to 18-23's, plus pages for parents, and schools. The site includes The Well, a place of refeshment and support for workers.
Northumbria Community
Inspired by, drawing from, and living in the spiritual tradition of monasticism, the Northumbria Community is geographically dispersed and strongly ecumenical but with an identity rooted in the history and spiritual heritage of Celtic Northumbria.
OpenLearn gives you free access to online learning materials from The Open University. There are hundreds of short courses on a huge range of subjects that give access to topical and interactive content.
Reflect is the new name for the Methodist Retrerat and Spirituality Network. Reflect aims to encourage a deeper relationship with God, to organise retreats, promote the retreat movement, offer training and support for members and provide a network for people to keep in touch.
Rejesus has a single focus - it goes to the very heart of Christian life and faith - the person of Jesus Christ himself. Visitors have the opportunity to delve into engaging material and respond to it by giving their opinion, praying a prayer or asking a tough question.
St Bede's Pastoral Centre
​St Bede's Pastoral Centre in York offers space for personal prayer and reflection, together with a programme of events to encourage and facilitate individuals and groups in their spiritual development.
The Methodist Church
The website of the Methodist Church containing a huge amount of information connected with the themes of Encounter. Some of the sections of relevance to the Encounter programme are:
  • Who We Are - The distinctive features of Methodism, the vision, values and doctrine of the church, the veiws of the church on a variety of issues and the structure and history of the church.
  • Discipleship - Engaging with Scripture, spiritual practices and evangelism.
  • Mission - Inter Faith Relations, Rural Mission and chaplaincy, public issues.
  • Prayer and Worship - Daily Bible study, prayer of the day, creative prayer, spirituality, creative arts.
  • News and Events - News releases and email newsletters you can sign up to receive.
  • Ministry and Office Holders - Information on Candidating for Ordained Ministry, Local Preachers, Worship Leaders, pastoral care.
The Mirfield Centre
​​The Mirfield Centre is part of the Community of the Resurrection and the Diocese of Wakefield. Its aim is to offer 'encouragement, education for discipleship and formation for men and women from all the churches in order to be the People of God in this new millennium'. The Centre offers day events, quiet days, short educational courses and residential courses.
The Retreat Association
For those wanting to explore contemplative spirituality, go on a retreat or find a spiritual accompanist. Offers some excellent free to download publications.
Whirlow Spirituality Centre
​Whirlow Spirituality Centre provides facilities and accommodation for individuals and groups for personal and spiritual development, to explore their relationship with God through prayer and reflection. It also holds one day events on a wide range of subjects relating to Christian spirituality.
Regional DMLN Encounter Coordinators material can be accessed on the Regional DMLN Resources page.